4 Summer Allergy Tips To Prevent Sneezing and Wheezing

Summer is in full swing, if you have not already noticed. The weather is toasty and that means plenty of Americans head outside to enjoy the outdoors.

Unfortunately, summer is also the prime time for seasonal allergies, and many people have difficulty breathing normally due to the heat, humidity and pollen.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions you can try to cut down and even entirely eliminate the wheezing and sneezing of allergies in the summer. Try these natural solutions that do not cause any drowsiness, as so many medications do:

#1 Clean Is Not Always What You Want

Most of us want to have a clean house and that is entirely normal and healthy. That said, being exposed to some dirt and germs is actually a good thing for our immune systems. So while you want your house to be relatively free of dust and dirt, having it a bit less than perfectly clean actually can help you ward off some allergies.

#2 Replace That Pillow

If you are sneezing and wheezing this summer, one of the key things to change is your pillow. If where you rest your head each night has not been replaced or washed, it now weighs more than when you bought it. It probably is loaded with dust mites that are right next to your face for eight hours per night.

Allergy sufferers should use hypoallergenic pillows and not down pillows. Also use a zippered pillow protector that you wash weekly.

#3 Hypoallergenic Dogs Don’t Exist

Hypoallergenic pets are one of the latest crazes; dogs that don’t shed hair such as poodles are considered by some people to be fine for people with allergies. However, there is simply no scientific evidence that ‘hypoallergenic’ breeds produce less Can f1, which is the most common allergen that dogs carry. If you do have pets, try an air purifier with a HEPA filter to rid the air of allergens and pet dander.

Limit your exposure to pets and never allow them in your bed.

#4 Get Rid of Carpet

Hardwood and tile are much better choices for your home if you suffer from allergies. While some people like carpet, it collects tremendous amounts of dirt, dust and other gunk that can stuff up your respiratory system.

You also should use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure you suck up as much dust, pollen and pet dander as possible.

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