Does Every Asthma Patient Need a Home Compressor/Nebulizer?

Is a home nebulizer needed for every asthma patient?

If you have ever had a strong asthma attack that required you to go to the doctor or the hospital, you may have been treated with a nebulized brochodilator. The nebulizer takes a medicated, liquid solution and makes it into a mist so you can inhale it.

For a typical acute attack of asthma, the medication that is commonly used is albuterol, which is also known as Proventil and Ventolin. Nebulized albuterol is just as effective as an injection of adrenaline.

You also can get a nebulizer system for home use in an emergency. In one of these systems, the nebulizer is powered by compressed air. The nebulizer compressor operates on electricity and is about the size of a toaster or smaller. The medication that is nebulized may be albuterol.

If your asthma is severe and hard to control, you may want to have a compressor/nebulizer in your home. This is especially the case if you have ever had a severe, even life threatening attack of asthma. A home nebulizer system can be used for a short period in an emergency, until the ambulance arrives.

Of course, not everyone with asthma needs a home nebulizer. For many acute asthma attacks, a metered-dose inhaler could be enough. Still, having a home nebulizer could provide you with the assurance that you need if you ever have a serious asthma crisis at home.

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