Quality Assurance Statement

Quality Assurance is initiated, monitored, and executed via the Performance Improvement Program which is designed to define the process for implementing systematic and objective measurement, evaluation and improvement to areas vital to the success of the company.

The QA/PI program ensures that all prescriptions, services and other products are provided to clients at consistently high standard. The company strongly believes that every patient/client is entitled to optimum service; every employee is entitled to an opportunity to contribute to that end through involvement in this program.

Our objectives are to provide a means to continuously improve the performance of the company and patient/client care and services by,

  • Promote effective communications between patient care personnel and administrative / operational leadership throughout the organization.
  • Integrate business, operational and patient quality care goals with existing improvement activities to develop a consistent organization-wide approach.
  • Identify internal and external data for measurement, and set priorities for improvement.
  • Utilize expertise through the fostering of cross-functional and cross-departmental teams.
  • Establish performance measures for assessing the success of improvement activities for both newly designed and redesigned processes.
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